The Do-er of Things

The Do-er of Things:
“What do you do?” They asked the raggedy man sitting there on his hands, and looking off slightly to the right.
“Why, I am the Do-er of Things,” said the man who stood and then bowed, giving a tired smile to all those in sight.
“But you have no coins in your pocket to show for the things you have done,” said a man with jaunty new hat.
“And what value,” he added, “can be given to your works, if you’re left in old rags looking weary, at that?”
The Do-er of Things nodded, “It is true. I have nothing to show. But that matters not in the end.
And truth be told, if I may be so bold, I can tell you I’d do it all again.”
“Then why sit on your hands if you’re the Do-er of things?” Asked a woman clearly perplexed.
“Ah, you’re quite right to ask!” said the Do-er of Things, “Sometimes you must sit still and reflect:
A Do-er of Things has much on his plate for there’s always something somewhere to be done.
And any of you can be a Do-er of Things. Crossing them off of your list one by one.”
“For being a Do-er of Things is the start for both beloved Kings and Thieves.
The only difference, I’ve seen, entirely depends on how you wish to proceed.”
“But you Would-Be Do-ers beware, for just over there in the bushes and under those trees…
Lurks a man at your heels; sneaky, elusive, and with great zeal waiting just as patient as can be.
This man is no myth, and you should know that he finds his life’s work an art and quite fun.
What to call him you ask? Why he is none other than the UnDo-er of All That You’ve Done.”
 “He finds great delight in testing your might as he disassembles and tangles your deeds.
Unraveling and untying, crisscrossing and rewiring, he is a most clever gardener of weeds”
“But why then go on?” Asked a child in the crowd, “Doing things only to have them undone?
Can’t you stop him or block him? Find a way to outsmart him or even just take off and run?”
“No, dear child,” The Do-er of Things calmly replied. And then a deep breath he drew,
“He cannot be stopped. He’ll never be blocked. He does what he was born to do.”
“So I will keep working and he will keep lurking, no matter how much it may sting.
For we BOTH must do what we were born to do, and I was born The Do-er of Things.”