The Three Garden Fairies

Inklebee, Dinkle & Tinkleneetoo
Lived in a garden with plenty to do.
They started by gathering the fresh morning dew.
Then watered the saplings & removed the weeds that had grown anew.
They covered the seeds as they fell to the ground.
Welcomed butterflies, ladybugs, & the bees buzzing around.
Conferred with the worms, ants & spiders who all played their part.
Together they created this garden; a living work of art.
They greeted the sun, the rain & cold all the same.
For each season had a purpose, a reason that it came.
Humming and smiling as they fulfilled their duties,
The 3 garden fairies marveled at all of life’s beauty.
And when the time came for a flower to say goodbye,
They’d circle around singing softly, gathering petals to dry their eyes.
But the tears were not all unhappy, even though the fairies were sad.
For from the flower’s seeds much joy would still be had.
Each blade of grass was valued and tended to with loving care.
It mattered not to the Fairies how long they might grow there.

Their hearts were full day in & day out. There was always much to do
In the garden of the 3 fairies: Inklebee, Dinkle & Tinkleneetoo.