Fresh Box of Crayons

A fresh box of crayons, markers, colored pencils…ah as a child there was nothing like it!

The anticipation of what was in store once I cracked open the boxes. It was usually about 10 minutes into my masterpiece that I was reminded by my creations staring back at me, that yup, as much as I loved these new supplies, an artist I was not!

But that’s never stopped me from trying; coloring, marking, shading, riding the Crayola Wave, digging on the new marker high, and sharpening my colored pencil tips over & over again.

For it is in that moment of anticipation, that breathless pause before you begin, where I feel the most alive & where I want to be again & again. Where anything is possible if we but try!

I  must say, one thing I’ve noticed as the years have passed, I’ve gotten pretty darned good at my doodles & characters whom I’ve never neglected to recreate with each fresh new box of color that I find just waiting there. Patiently waiting for someone to pick them up & begin…