Kooky Creepy Sleepy

The room was dark, just a few candles lit
But what I saw put me in a fit
A princess and gory ghoul were chatting
A cat and capped crusader laughing
And in the corner over there
I saw two Zombies and a monkey sitting backwards in his chair
And on my left some ninja warriors
traded barbs, I kid you not!
The world has finally lost its mind
(At least that’s what I’d thought)
As the night wore on there were more strange sights
A vampire, a pixie & headless man all gave me fright
I left that place, exhausted, and yet too wired to sleep
If only I’d seen more animals, perhaps I could have counted sheep.
So if today you should see me wandering the streets at half past noon
With my eyes glazed over and drooling like a babbling lost baboon
Just put me in the nearest bed & say:
“You won’t find any of that today.
There’s nothing strange now to be seen
Last night was only Halloween.”

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