Let’s Play Ball!

Lets play ball!

Yes, I am a crazy baseball mom, but probably not for the reason ya might think…

I am a crazy baseball mom because I believe baseball is about so much more than the boys, their bat & that hard little white ball. Sure, there are plenty of parts about baseball that I still need to learn how to enjoy (like keeping the books, and remembering who’s on first), but the best part for me is something so very simple. Simple, yet undoubtedly what makes baseball so special to me—my baseball family.

You see at this time of year I get to be with my baseball family. Families who, even if I don’t see them any other time of the year, are dear and special to me. Families who, when we come back together, we can joke  and play and reminisce, like no time at all has passed. Families who, if we happen to see each other in passing during the off season, will smile that special secret baseball smile of happy times spent together cheering our kids on the diamond, applauding their successes and watching in amazement as they grow right before our eyes into confident, self-assured young men.

From the first pitch of the season to the last swing of the bat, we are connected—one family to another—like the lacing on the old worn gloves or the tight red x’s outlining the ball. Together we make it all work despite the crazy practices & game schedules, the late nights, and the hearbreak of one too many games lost. Together is how we start each season & together is always how we end them.

So to me that feeling of closeness, of being part of something bigger than ourselves, something greater than that bat & that little white ball, that is why I am a crazy baseball mom, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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