Pitter Patter

Chipped, cracked, even broken you say
Precious Jewels from your finest chest
scattered carelessly across the cold  hard floor.
Banged, bruised, but still thumping,
The rhythm changed, now syncopated,  where it wasn’t before.
Some days it aches, and takes your breath away.
Some days nothing more than a trace.
A faint echo emitting, transmitting, deep inside
Just a signal letting you know
what’s left has found a safe place to hide.
But after the fall, the shock, or the break,
It is YOU who must choose.
Choose to heal, to mend, to begin.
Slowly, at first, then beating faster and smoother
and calling to you: again, again, again.
Renewed, Refreshed, and Recharged.
Now stronger than ever before.
Given time and space and a chance to grow

I know our hearts will soar.


BE one of the Caring.
The kind & the sharing.
The ones whose actions touch the heart.

BE one of the Daring.
The adventurous, no comparing.
The ones whose actions stand apart.

BE one of the Dreaming.
The creating, never ceasing.
The ones whose thoughts abound.

For I would say: “What is living, but BE-ing?”
And The Caring, The Daring, The Dreaming?
Those are the ones I choose to BE around.

Just Keep Trying

I blunder, I boggle, I apologize
But still I just keep trying

I confess, I’m a mess, Hey-No surprise!
But still I just keep trying

I confuse, I misinterpret, I hypothesis
But still I just keep trying

I screw things up-what can I say?
But still I just keep trying

“Do or Do not. There is no try,” They say
But still I just keep trying

I offer love & peace & hope-though often rejected
But still I just keep trying

We can all relate, (you know you’ve been here, too)
But still let’s just keep trying

You’ve hung with me now for so long, and here I am, almost at the end
But still I need your help; help me to just keep trying

Though I may be done, there’s still time for you
be still, be just, be a keeper,

But above all else I ask only that still you just keep trying…

The Moment

You know that saying about “your life flashing before you” all at once in those life or death moments? Well below is what I end up with sometimes just doing the dishes on a rainy Monday night… Kinda the same thing–Enjoy!

The Moment-
A moment of peace
A sliver of calm
I find it every now & then
When all the me’s that have ever been
come back together again

The me as a child, running wild & free
And playing in the dirt & grass
The me as a sullen teenager,
Often pouty, but still playful & always full of sass

The me I was in my college years
Confident, determined & some might say head strong
Compared to the me in those early mommy years
Afraid I must be doing everything wrong

The me I am with my family
The me that I am with friends
The me I see in my various professions,
Different me’s, without a doubt, but still all me in the end

The me who gazed into another’s eyes
And bravely said, “I do”
(That me is now forever split
Living partly in the other, too)

That me who held her daddy’s hand
And hopes still to never have to let go
And the me that does the dishes
Folds the laundry, dries the tears and guides the children to & fro

The me in bits of panic
The me in fits of rage
The me that’s drunk on nothingness
It’s all me at every stage

The me I know who is still sure to come
It’s her I can hardly wait to meet
For in those calm & peaceful moments I can see her smiling back at me,
So kind, so loving, and so sweet…

Gardening and Growing

I attempted a little gardening project at the Office this week. Meet Audrey, our tomato plant.

 Audrey is recuperating after a cold snap that I mistakenly thought she was ready to withstand. To add to the horticultural heartbreak, Audrey had just put on two little flowers that I’m sure would have been the start of a bumper crop!

Now add to my gardening debacle, Charlie, my office assistant.

Charlie handles all types of odd jobs for me: she cheerfully greets guests, helps with research from my library, retrieves papers from the copier, can belt out awesome versions of several songs from The Muppet Movie Soundtrack, and (the best part) she laughs at all my jokes, even the knock-knock ones…I should probably mention that Charlie is about 4, and is actually over qualified for the position.

I, however, am very appreciative of the quality of help she lends.

Take for instance her concern and care for Audrey. Look carefully at the picture and you’ll notice some of Charlie’s additions: There are warm rocks (heated by the sun to help Audrey not be cold), as well as blades of freshly plucked greenery scattered around the pot (no doubt to cheer Audrey and encourage a similar response in her own frost bitten foliage).

Charlie also informed me one sunny afternoon that she was stepping out of the Office to talk to our dear plant pal to see if she needed anymore water. I suspect this is when said greenery was added.

We shall see what the days ahead hold for Audrey, and I know Charlie & I have learned a few lessons we won’t soon forget.

As it is, Charlie, Audrey and I think I might be better off abandoning my green thumb in favor of a metallic one—you see I also “planted” these flowers and we all agree they are looking lovely!