Gardening and Growing

I attempted a little gardening project at the Office this week. Meet Audrey, our tomato plant.

 Audrey is recuperating after a cold snap that I mistakenly thought she was ready to withstand. To add to the horticultural heartbreak, Audrey had just put on two little flowers that I’m sure would have been the start of a bumper crop!

Now add to my gardening debacle, Charlie, my office assistant.

Charlie handles all types of odd jobs for me: she cheerfully greets guests, helps with research from my library, retrieves papers from the copier, can belt out awesome versions of several songs from The Muppet Movie Soundtrack, and (the best part) she laughs at all my jokes, even the knock-knock ones…I should probably mention that Charlie is about 4, and is actually over qualified for the position.

I, however, am very appreciative of the quality of help she lends.

Take for instance her concern and care for Audrey. Look carefully at the picture and you’ll notice some of Charlie’s additions: There are warm rocks (heated by the sun to help Audrey not be cold), as well as blades of freshly plucked greenery scattered around the pot (no doubt to cheer Audrey and encourage a similar response in her own frost bitten foliage).

Charlie also informed me one sunny afternoon that she was stepping out of the Office to talk to our dear plant pal to see if she needed anymore water. I suspect this is when said greenery was added.

We shall see what the days ahead hold for Audrey, and I know Charlie & I have learned a few lessons we won’t soon forget.

As it is, Charlie, Audrey and I think I might be better off abandoning my green thumb in favor of a metallic one—you see I also “planted” these flowers and we all agree they are looking lovely!

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