The Moment

You know that saying about “your life flashing before you” all at once in those life or death moments? Well below is what I end up with sometimes just doing the dishes on a rainy Monday night… Kinda the same thing–Enjoy!

The Moment-
A moment of peace
A sliver of calm
I find it every now & then
When all the me’s that have ever been
come back together again

The me as a child, running wild & free
And playing in the dirt & grass
The me as a sullen teenager,
Often pouty, but still playful & always full of sass

The me I was in my college years
Confident, determined & some might say head strong
Compared to the me in those early mommy years
Afraid I must be doing everything wrong

The me I am with my family
The me that I am with friends
The me I see in my various professions,
Different me’s, without a doubt, but still all me in the end

The me who gazed into another’s eyes
And bravely said, “I do”
(That me is now forever split
Living partly in the other, too)

That me who held her daddy’s hand
And hopes still to never have to let go
And the me that does the dishes
Folds the laundry, dries the tears and guides the children to & fro

The me in bits of panic
The me in fits of rage
The me that’s drunk on nothingness
It’s all me at every stage

The me I know who is still sure to come
It’s her I can hardly wait to meet
For in those calm & peaceful moments I can see her smiling back at me,
So kind, so loving, and so sweet…

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