Pitter Patter

Chipped, cracked, even broken you say
Precious Jewels from your finest chest
scattered carelessly across the cold  hard floor.
Banged, bruised, but still thumping,
The rhythm changed, now syncopated,  where it wasn’t before.
Some days it aches, and takes your breath away.
Some days nothing more than a trace.
A faint echo emitting, transmitting, deep inside
Just a signal letting you know
what’s left has found a safe place to hide.
But after the fall, the shock, or the break,
It is YOU who must choose.
Choose to heal, to mend, to begin.
Slowly, at first, then beating faster and smoother
and calling to you: again, again, again.
Renewed, Refreshed, and Recharged.
Now stronger than ever before.
Given time and space and a chance to grow

I know our hearts will soar.

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