I drove into the tiny shop
Sputtering and wheezing all the way

I knew it was time for a tune-up
Had been idling rougher and rougher each day

Was definitely not firing on all cylinders
With spark plugs that did anything but
Was leaking all sorts of fluids
My squeaky old jalopy was currently in a rut
After years of faithful service
This once classy chassis had lost her rosy hue
I hoped the old mechanic, Doc
Would know just what to do

He hummed as he started inspecting
Gave the tires a thump and then a tap
Then he looked inside and his eyes grew wide
Saying: “I think I see where the trouble’s at!
Your Giggle Inducer is busted!
It’s what gives this model its ‘Get Up and Go.’

But have no fear, it’s an easy fix.
At least, for those of us in-the-know.”
First he started by turning the engine off
Something so simple, yet a vital first step.
Then he flushed the entire system
And refilled it with the best quality you can get.
Next he washed and polished everything
Instructing me on how to do the same

Finally, with his part all done
My turn was all that remained
I gathered up my courage
Daring to Hope that just once more

I’d be cruising down the highway
Hearing that mighty engine roar
I turned the key and what do you know?
My heart leaped out of my chest!
Turns out my trusty old wagon
Was just in need of a well earned rest.