Let’s Play a Game

Let’s Play a Game 🤓

How to Play “Success!!!”
Objective: To leave people/places/things in a better condition than which you found them. (a.k.a. Success!!!)
Game Set Up and Assembly:
Individually Shuffle the decks marked “People,” “Places,” “Things,” and “Life Happens.” Set within easy reach of all players. 
Choose one person to thoroughly read the instructions in a clear and easy to understand tone of voice. This person will also be asked to reread instructions throughout the game for clarification, and to mediate disputes, as needed. (Note: It is best if this person is in agreement to help with this task, and that a majority of players are also in agreement with the selection).
To start: Choose a token from the ones included in the basic set that best fits you. (Note: for more advanced players, to make the game more challenging, or if not enough tokens were included in the basic set, you may select any object you find around you to represent you on the board. However, your token must NOT be of a nature to impede, incumber, or obstruct Any Other Player’s ability to start the game. Also, your token must be visible to the naked eye!)
Next, Draw three cards at Random, one each, from the decks marked “People,” “Places,” and “Things.” These will be the conditions under which you will start this round of game play.
Then, shuffle and place the “Life Happens” cards within easy reach of all those playing. (Note: Spectators are more than welcome to cheer on those playing, offer strategic advice, and even taunt if they feel so inclined, but they must not interfer with the flow of play. They may, however, join in the game play at any time, but will have to start from the beginning; see above instructions at “To Start”).
Finally, Place your token at any position you prefer on the board. (For example, you could choose to start on Skid Row, Under the Boardwalk, Easy Street, In the Jungle, etc…)
Once a reader has been chosen, tokens have been selected and placed on board, initial cards have been drawn from the 3 piles, and “Life Happens” cards are within easy reach, you may begin game.
To begin play: Role the dice to see who goes first. You may choose to either let the player with the highest number go first, lowest number, etc…However, play Always passes to the left in a clockwise fashion. 
(House Rules Variation: You may choose to skip the dice altogether, and allow the youngest player to go first, oldest player to go first, etc…)
Advancing Token: Every player with a piece on the board Must take a turn. However, If a player is not paying attention they may be skipped! Depending on House Rules, some may allow the player a Chance to “catch up” as soon as they realize the player has been skipped. However, some House Rules may choose for the player to Not be allowed to “catch up.” (Note: For optimal enjoyment, it his highly recommended that All Players initially agree on House Rules before players begin play, and, also, with each subsequent new round of game play).
On your turn, Role the Dice, advance forward in the number of spots indicated on Dice, and complete the task on the corresponding spot. Once completed, your turn ends, and play continues to the player on your left.
Play Continues in this manner until you reach the space marked “The End.”
Congratulations You Have Made It to The End—Success!!!
Strategies: There are many different strategies that may be employed for winning the game depending on several factors including: which cards were initially drawn from the above 3 categories, which area from which you chose to start, where the Dice moved you during game play, and the choices you made after drawing a card from the deck marked “Life Happens.” 
However, to get the most from your gaming experience, it is suggested you: consult those who have played the game the longest, employ new and different techniques as needed, and/or find the techniques that work best for you through trial and error, and multiple rounds of game play.
To best accomplish objective: Remember-“In every Job that must be done there is an element of Fun. First, you find the Fun, and *snap* the Job’s a Game!” (a.k.a. The Mary Poppins Approach). 
Please Note: Whichever techniques you choose to employ, it is highly recommended that you have fun and enjoy the game as it unfolds.
Follow these simple rules and instructions, and You, too, can “Be a Winner at The Game of Life,” er..um…I mean Success!!! 

The Choice

Sad and angry people
As far as the eye can see
Hurt by someone, somewhere else
But taking it out on you and me
Long ago, yet still right now
They just can’t let it go
It replays on an endless loop
Turning would-be friends now into foes
At first, no rhyme or reason 
Can be found for their about-face
Then slowly, clearly a picture forms
As their ambitions engulf the space
Perhaps it’s not what they intended 
Perhaps they, too know the cycle well
Is there a way to help them
To release them from their Hell?
I hope that soon it happens 
But it’s not our task to undertake
I wish them well, I truly do
It’s a choice they alone must make