More on Writing ✍️

They said if you want to be a writer then write about what you know. So I sat quietly & thought to myself, “Hey Self, what do I know?”

I know that I know happy. I know sad, joy, anger, & have even met defeat. Sadly I confess that I know terror, I know fear aching and lonliness. I know sorrow & I know grief. I know feelings, I know people, I know how relationships can play out. I know triumph, success, & determination. I know sometimes things don’t always pan out. I know soft & furry, fluffy things & spiky pokey quills. I know sunshine, rain & foggy days, I know of rocks & daffodils. I know enough to know that there are plenty of things I know nothing about. But most importantly I know, the more I learn & grow, & discover & set my sights to figure out, will only add to the neverending list of things that I know I can write about.

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