Gardening & Beekeepers

Found a delightful sight as I gazed in the yard

The asparagus had flowered

The morning glories vined, intertwined, & flowed ‘round, quite bizarre

And in the distance I spied a flute,

a flower I’d never seen before

Unfurling and twirling, lifting up where down before

And that’s when the lady, so small, did appear

Not a Queen, but a worker, gathering pollen, so dear

She busy-ied and bustled, she crawled wherever she stood

And it clung to her desperately, hanging on to whatever it could

The bee 🐝 did not mind, for she knew it was just her lot

To go & to go & never be allowed to stop 🛑

For Nature is sweet and Nature is cruel

It depends on precisely what’s at stake in the duel.

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