A funny thing happened…

Funny thing about a phrase, or slip o’ the tongue, as they say, sometimes it’s not originally what you had meant, but magically becomes exactly what you mean (and, coincidentally, proves your point perfectly). My favorite of these little ditties is “I couldn’t care less,” vs. “I could care less.” I find the latter more true with each passing day. Not because I’m jaded or heartbroken…nope. Those things eventually pass with time. I say the second phrase is more valid because adults, and children alike, continue to point that truth out to me with their every breath. On the playgrounds, in the meeting halls, even in the most sacred of spaces for each of us. However, it’s not a fault of the children. They only do that which they are shown. The rest? That’s something each of us has to figure out, day by day, moment by moment, on our own. I hope more will continue to try…loneliness isn’t fun for anyone, let alone a comfortable place to spend one’s eternity.

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