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-dde =)
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Reasonably All Right

The vultures circled closer now, their eyes gleaming for the feast. The demons, bold and fierce now, stepped out of the shadows—My anger, turned to hate, had released them from the barriers divinely set in place.

I had failed. It was clear to me now. There was nothing left inside, just numb is what I’d become. Empty, alone. Not even sadness filled the space.

Torn and tattered, bruised and bare I wandered to the forest deep. I knelt. the cracking leaves scraped my shins, the sticks pushed their way into my knees. I bowed my head, raised my hands high, and closed my eyes finally accepting my fate.

I felt a hand close gently on mine, and looked up to see your face. Your smiling eyes kindly asked, “Can I help you?”

Then a man offered me a blanket, and a child offered me a full cup, and a woman brought bread, and a pillow. You guided me down softly saying, “There now, rest your head.”

One by one they came, bringing bits and pieces of what they had. Offering it up without incentive just a smile or kind nod as they layed it knowingly at my feet.

And piece by piece I came back to life, no tragedy to this tale’s end. Restored anew, I found myself, by the kindness of my fellow man.

-dde =)

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