Curmudgeonly Creatures

Imagine there was a little curmudgeonly colony of creatures in danger of going extinct that lived at the base of a volcano which also happened to be located in a flood plain.
After having discovered these little things, you realize that they are, in fact, an incredible species and you want to know as much as you can about them. So, you decide to build your home right alongside theirs in order to be a part of their fascinating little society. You soon find yourself happily devoting more and more of your time and energy in helping them in any way you can.

Then one day a rain comes along, harder than you’d seen up to this point, and sure enough, the water rushes down the dry river bed and rises up just enough to soak the base of your little home. When you check on the creatures they continue as if nothing has happened, shaking off the droplets and smoothing the mounds of dirt back up around their little huts. You, however, decide to build a little culvert in order to divert the waters when they come. You tell yourself: “That wasn’t so bad, and now I’ll be ready for the next one.” And sure enough, the water comes again and your little diversion works for a little while, but then the rain doesn’t let up, and before you know it, your entire house is soaked up to the rafters! Sopping wet, you gather what little bits you can and head for higher ground. You hate to leave the creatures, and fear for them, but also know you can’t help anyone if you are barely treading water yourself.

As time goes on, you ask the leaders about the dangers of living at the base of the Volcano, let alone in the flood plain and while they agree that it could lead to trouble, they also know that the flood water will eventually recede and they will be able to go back to what they were doing. As for the Volcano, if it ever erupted one day, well, there wasn’t much they would be able to do about that, so why worry about it? They continue, explaining that the Volcano helped keep them safe and sheltered from the outside, which in turn allowed them to keep doing what they had been doing for hundreds of years, and they were happy with what they had.

They eldest of the creatures also knew that even the biggest, most damaging of floods, could in fact be a blessing as it could help wash away that which was no longer working and allow them to start a new.

-dde 3/23/2017

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