The world I know

In my world, books 📚 can be found next to headphones 🎧 e-readers📲 and even blank pieces of parchment 📜 Any age group is encouraged to read, create, or zone out to their own quiet spot, regardless of time ⏰ and space 🗺 The only requirement asked is that we not impede 🛑 each other’s solitude (provided no harm, or burden, is being placed on someone else’s shoulders) and that all basic chores/necessities have been seen to prior to “zoning out.” 🧟‍♀️

But that is My World 🌎

I happily invite people to visit me when they can arrange to, but with the busy hustle-bustle scheduling of today’s non-stop “life-ing,” I often find months (even years) have passed before we’re able to catch up with anything more than a courteous: “Good to see you! Nice weather today, isn’t it?”

Sometimes this makes me blue 🎨 but typically I’m just happy for the chance to have connected with someone, anyone, other than the same little old me, myself, and I from the reflections as I pass by.

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