Roses and Wildflowers

Morning Blooms

Which one will grow taller? They climb up, higher and higher, around the same support. Does it matter? One is a heritage sprig, deliberately cultivated to be at its best from old, old stock. The other, a mere weed to some, a wild and native force, entangling and weaving all it can until that vine is spent. Does it matter? One blooms twice in this climate, each time the flowers perfume sweeter than the ones before. The other, though no smell that can easily be detected, has colors the bees adore. Does it matter? One will go dormant, with only leaves and bark to stake its claim. One will open at just the right time, and continue to again and again. Does it matter that both, in the bitter end, will succumb to freezing winters, drought, pestilence, disease and decay? Does it matter that a tending agent can help decide their fate? Or do we just sit back and watch them grow, cheering, admiring, or simply being unnoticed, letting them both go to the agent of fate?

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