King Tut, Donna Reed, & Dragnet

Growing up, we often didn’t have access to cable TV, but every now & then we’d live in town and I’d get to watch lots of Nick at Nite.

I remember going to school and hearing my friends talk about SNL episodes with Farley and Spade, and I felt a little out of the loop since I was more familiar with the classics like King Tut, and the Julia Child’s skits…and shows like Drag Net, as slow paced & dialogue heavy as it seemed to a 12 year old me, they always managed to hold my attention right up to the end.

Come to think of it, I guess you could say we have continued that tradition with our boys. They know way more about Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Golden Girls, and the old Twilight Zones than they do about Bachelorette, America’s Got Talent, or Dancing with the Stars.

Then again, most of their generation watches a lot of YouTube compilations–I wonder what the “look back” will look like when they are in their 40’s!

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