Just Keep Going

Just keep going

Because people die.

Because people walk out on you.

Because people you trusted let you down.

Because sometimes that person that lets you down is yourself.

Because I have experienced these things and yet Here I still am, I offer these three words: Just keep going.

One day, for me, those pains from the past, the ones that seemed too much to bear, began a certain ebb and flow.

They created a comforting rhythm that still continues to add a bittersweet cadence to my every step.

It is that continuity that centers me even when the path ahead is tangled and covered, and my steps—so shaky and unsure that I may falter. It is the reason that I can just keep going.

I Continue to hope

I Continue to have faith

I Continue to believe

My worlds have crumbled around me more than once

My foundations have been shaken

My beliefs up-ended, forced to the forefront for reexamination

And when I chanced to look up from the rubble of my shattered existence, I found that I was, in fact, still here…

It was then I decided that this must mean that I should just kept going.

I know that one day I will let myself down.

I know people I trust will let me down.

I know people will walk out on me.

I know that not just people, but one day I, too, will inevitably die.

But it is precisely because I know these things, that without a doubt, until my last breath, that I Will Just Keep Going.

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