To All The Caretakers Out There–Thank YOU

I THINK she’s going crazy–Scratch that.
Now I KNOW she’s lost her mind.

The clothes are in the pantry
And the dishes are on the line.

She’s added extra cobwebs to the ones already there
& covered them with glitter; Says she likes the sparkles everywhere

She sat the mop down at the table
& dressed her up for tea.

I must say, the mop looks fetching in her bonnet
Oh no! Perhaps it’s rubbing off on Me!

And in the dust of the ceiling fans she’s written us all love notes

She’s humming & singing & smiling again
Makes us wonder what she wrote.

For dinner she made us breakfast,
Fed the dog’s food to the cats.

And when she tucked us in bed tonight she kissed my toes & put on my hat.

She read us our favorite story but started from the end
And when she got to the beginning she paused & read it again

Finally, too sleepy to keep track of her antics anymore
I looked and saw she, too had fallen asleep in her chair beside the door

I got out of bed with my cover, took the book & placed it on the floor.
Covered her from head to toe, hearing her soft & gentle snore.

I smiled as I kissed her cheek, knowing she always gave us her very best
And I was Happy she was sleeping now, Happy she had finally stopped to rest.

I smiled & thought: Tomorrow I will help her, for she loves us more than life itself–to that I can attest.

-dde =)

***Something from the days when the Office was still in the house back in 2015, or so. Glad I now have a dedicated office to work from. If only I was able to get over to it more often. Owell, perhaps tomorrow will be different. Happy Tuesday, All =)

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