An Oddly Inspiring Moment

People often ask me where I get my ideas from. Or even, how are you able to do the things you do? I have no simple answer.

Below is an example of something that just came through me and flowed onto the page days after I had laser eye surgery to correct my distance vision, something I’d dealt with since I was in middle school. “Eye” hope you enjoy 😉

I cried with new eyes tonight.

Eyes that had never felt the heavy tears of loss, of sadness, of regret.

Eyes now sharpened by circumstance to a fine point, able to see further away than ever before.

But still the tears came no matter how far away I looked.

And then the loquacious platitudes & their contradictory refrains began: “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” “The devil’s in the details,” “Stay in the moment,” “Life goes on.”

These juxtapositions only amplified my ocular outpouring, though silence in a sleeping house is often thought best.

The tears kept trickling down & the nose soon chimed in.

Then thoughts began crowding around, then pushing, then shoving for their chance to be seen at the front:

I miss my friends, though their departure has yet to occur…I can see it happening, so the tears come now. I miss my children though they are still underfoot…I can see it happening, so the tears come now. Loved ones passing, treasures lost, hearts broken in the blink of two swollen red eyes.

Gone. Or Never was? Hindsight and 20/20.

Finally, each agreeing, or submitting, to a shaky & exhausting truce: Seeing eye to Mind’s eye, as it were, the latter quiets down so the former may draw close, having learned an old trick from a new point of view.

At last, finally resting with tears dried; a salty peace offering, and the only detectable trace that anything of note between the two had occurred.

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