Nature’s Design

By Nature’s Design, I am a happy person.

Sad things have happened in my life, like everyone’s. From the forgotten lunchbox to the loved one lost, I have never been immune to the chronic conditions of Life.

The difference for me, it seems, has been in my ability to surround myself with those who would offer help, support, and yes—even the clothes from their back.

I have always been grateful, even if my gratitude was not seen (or plied heavily enough for other’s liking).

Because of my interactions with those who would help me when I stumbled, as well as those who chose to not, I have grown, changed, and adjusted my feedback towards others to better fit the ever-changing circumstances I continue to find myself in.

We are told that such traits are a strength, something to strive for, and to encourage in our fellow man.

But from my mere 40 years of living day by day, sadly, I’m finding none of that to be true…Family, Faith, Friends, Future…all just more “F” words that fall to the wayside when the terminal symptoms of Life begin invading the creature comforts people have become accustomed to.

Again, this is not about Me, or My Happiness, for that subject is mine alone to tend.

The examples being set forth by our leaders for our children, however (be it in the home, classroom, boardroom, or highest offices in the lands), will continue to shape us as a species to the bitter end, or towards a brave and glorious future. The only component missing is the understanding of Nature’s Design.

Who designed you, and for what purpose?

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