While Walking

Today was a beautiful day for our neck of the woods! The sun shone brightly, and breeze blew just rightly—both beckoning me to venture out to see which flowers had decided to join us for the beginning of the Fall weather.

Lady Bees Were All Abuzzin’ For These.
The Summer Girls Were Still Visiting!
(…and even little dandy was still around waiting to become a puff-wish!)

Then I turned my gaze upon the trees! So many I had to see. Some tall, some small, but most definitely larger than me!

The Ones By The Damn Grow Quite Grand!
Others Are Bushy With Dusty Sapphire Berries
Then These Held Ruby Colored Orbs.
As Tall As The Sky!
Though They Started Out Down Below.

Which, of course, brought me next to admire the shrubbery in all their pointy, prickly precocious-ness.

Ouch! If Only Your Berries Were Here.
Poke & Yipes! If Only Your Flowering Bits Were Near.
Sigh, And You Have The Most Gorgeous Prickly Pears And Blooms (just not today).

Lastly, I spied the terrain (though honestly it’s the first place I look when placing my foot). There leaves, rocks, and surprises— I’ll let you take a look!

The only things here I didn’t include were the live and not-live critters, both of which I caught the sight and scent of along the way!

So this was how I spent about 2 hours of my day. I also had some interesting moments regarding my half hour break midway at a nearby cafe for a bit of sustenance, but this is a piece on nature walks!

This IS Me? (According to this water level, I’m only 4 1/2 feet tall!) Wait ‘Til The Kids Hear This Tall Tale!

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