Post Workout Thoughts

For some time now we have collectively been hearing that Intelligence Is Sexy.

All well and good, but is it Beautiful?

Beauty can be found everywhere and in everyday, ordinary tasks, things, and people. No IQ quotient needed. So then, is Beauty Sexy?

A number of beautiful people, places, and things would most certainly NOT be considered Sexy—as in alluding to intercourse, making love, and gender specification.

I only ask because I find it odd that we are collectively being conditioned from an early age and in a Majority of Cultures that something NEEDS to be Sexy in order to be seen, heard, or validated.

Oh wait! Sex Sells. I forgot for a second—lost in thought…Got it now, and I won’t soon forget. How could we?

Nevermind me. I’m just pondering and wondering after an extended meditative silence of the “thinking” part of my brain. (That’s what happens when I go with the flow and let the music take over…lost in the moment, in The Now).


Sometimes I think the thinking hurts more than the silence, than the bending and stretching…

This is how we grow.

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