Ranch Walker—Bee Check

Opened up to tell the sun, “Hello!”

Today we checked on the Ladies to see how the hives have fared while we’ve been dealing with several “can’t be helped/it is what it is” issues. I’m extremely happy to report we are still humming along (buzzing?) right as rain.

Cacti, boots, and broom weed…watch where you step!

Before the hive inspection, and while the air was still cool, we drove The Loop and checked on the pasture, wildlife, and waved to the Girls & Gus. (We lease our land to a neighboring cattle ranching family, and have delighted in learning more about birthing and raising a herd).

Busted Rock, Crystal Shines
Though undetectable to the phone camera 👁
(Top: in the shade Bottom: in the sun)

Lastly, I found a spot for reflection in the serene, quiet country setting—albeit bug splattered and choppy. Overall, a great way to end the weekend chores.

Say, “Splat!” (And don’t drop the coffee cup!)

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