There She Was

The Bride

I have always loved Love & Love Stories.

Imagine my surprise when I actually got to be a part of one! Especially after not dating at all in high school, barely making it through the post-high school dating gauntlet unscathed, and finding that my mate (who happens to be 8 years older than me) had been in my hometown since that daunting aforementioned gauntlet even began.

Blind date, co-worker date, friend date, embarrassingly hard (and failed) attempt at reconnecting with a middle school crush date, parent/family friend arranged date—yup. All of these were no-go’s. It came as no surprise to me then when I suggested to a guy, slightly younger than myself (whom I previously couldn’t stand) that he should take me out on a date. Surprise! It worked and we clicked for a bit. Then, we didn’t. Enter a gallant, much older man (also someone I couldn’t stand initially). Again, it clicked until it didn’t.

And then there He was. Neither of us were free, but we both enjoyed similar things, life, and were able to just enjoy one another’s company (and our mutual friends’ company, too!)

At this point, I had been a bridesmaid twice, endured two pseudo-serious engagement inquiries, and had no idea I would eventually get to be a matron of honor at my younger sister’s wedding (another one of my favorite love tales).

But, I digress. My point is simply this: No one knows anything about anyone, and never truly will unless they actually ASK.

Case in point, He asked Me. I said yes. Here we are today…21 years since we first saw each other, 17 years since we started dating, and 15 years of marriage.

Whatever it is you are needing from someone, it never hurts to just Ask. Who knows? You may actually be pleasantly surprised by the answer you receive!

-dde 2019, attempting in earnest to live happily ever after with 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 cat, in-laws, family, friends, and all.

The End

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