Choosing the Words and Topics

“I give it my all, until there is nothing left to give…and then I just keep going.”

-Diane D. Earhart, 2015

Regarding My Choices and Decision Making Capabilities:

I’m often asked where my ideas come from, and why I choose certain words over others. My answer is simple and always the same:

Inspired by Experience.

Interpreted however anyone chooses.

Always with the consensus of those directly affected.

Always for the betterment of mankind.

I love getting to know the communities I’m a part of, and have always felt that we can achieve more when working together. That is what I desire to convey with my words. If my message isn’t clear enough, you can bet I’ll find the words needed to get through to my intended readers. I have found that employing my skills learned on the high school stages of the theater department as a thespian have given me the confidence to meet my audiences half way…if they need me to sing and dance, well I can do that, too!

“My family, community, and children have all inspired me beyond measure. How can I do any less than give back to them, when they have given me so much?”

Education is paramount when helping people learn to help themselves. As a school and community volunteer, and later as a substitute teacher, I have seen first hand the changes that can occur for anyone who is given a chance. From improving language and reading skills, to learning new concepts in math, science, and technology, our teachers make that possible, regardless of the their locations and subject expertise. This is why I feel it is incredibly important to help our educators by providing them with the tools necessary to help our children, and our communities, excel–but more importantly, to be the best versions of themselves.

Add to that, fellowship and reflection on where we each come from, and where together we want to go, and you have the formula for a dynamite combination. Watching as my, and my friend’s children, have grown and changed continues to humble me each day. Being able to share my love of learning, laughing, and love with folks I run into each and everyday is truly a gift.

A quick pic is a great reminder when you see it, and I use all of these types of encouraging tidbits to see me through until I see the next one.

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