Scary stories

When I was a little itty bitty wee one, the scariest things to me where the things invisible to The Dark. You see, I could see in the dark, through The Dark, and The Dark knew this and was more than happy to oblige my every request. What a relief, I often thought. How Lucky I was to have such a Friend when all Other Lights had gone Out.

This little light O’Mine, I sang, I’m gonna Let it SHINE!

Covers moving? Don’t be afraid, I told myself. It’s just The Dark.

Right foot out, left in. Under the covers, oh no, they slipped. No worries, Mates, I thought to myself, I know the schedule: on Tuesdays & Thursdays it’s however you choose, and the other nights? Don’t forget to not Worry! Why Me Worry? I’m safe in my bed, safe sleeping in my head…sweet, sweet, slumber sweetie. Have no fear, your daddy is near.

But the voice, though clear, was NOT that of My Father, or Mother, who sang me to sleep and always wiped away the tears.

Names I attached, a few faces, I could recall. It’s just a dream, they said—change it, change it, if you’re afraid you might fall!


All fall…awful…All Fall…All Fall Down

Awake! Here I’d be once again. But sometimes on the floor, oh no! I rolled off the bed AGAIN! I’m wet?!? I could have sworn I had made it to the bathroom again…so odd, so embarrassing, so odd, so odd, sodd, sodden, nod, nodding, nodded.

The Dreams. Again? Why do we never get where we’re going? Can’t you drive? Read a map? I know I can, just hand me that…that…that…

Rat-A-Tat-Tat…Rat-A-Tat-Tat…Rat, R-A-T…Great Big Rat…Oh Good Grief, Charlie Brown, this story is getting long…long…and boring…boring. Me. 2 Tears.

One Tier for you & One Tear for Me? No, Mr. Dark. You have it confused…yet again…40 times of going around…shining brightly, never making a sound…then something changed…Shhh…I’ll never tell.

If YOU don’t know it by now, then I’m afraid it’s H E Double Hockeye Sticks Pour Vous, Kind Sirssss, Sirs? Sir? Et Tu Madame? I had Know Eye D’ah U wear Hear as well…owell…alls well that ends well.

Well, well, well.

Did you bring your coin?

Time to make that Last Wish!

I’m afraid it doesn’t take certain plastics, you know, & some papers tends to shrivel, melt, or catch flame.

Let me PUT IT TO YOU Beverly Clearly—we don’t offer your kind of change.

So sleep well, and I pray it’s an extremely Deep Dark Sleep. For I Have Promises 2 Keep, you know the rest of that one…surely something hear as Long/Wrong/Song as yo, ahem, U. (I sometimes forget the last part of Y-O-U?)

Perhaps it’s best remembered 4EvahMo’ as U-O-Me.

Parting is such bitter sweet sorrow. C u again, when you close your eyes tomorrow. Promise.

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