Excerpts from The Collection-4/24/2018

Itsy Bitsy

Poor Itsy Bitsy the Spider

Left the spout for a drain thought much nicer

Then again came the rain

Clogging up the new drain

& Itsy returned to the old spout much wiser

My logic-

My logic is flawed

And often confusing

Makes me laugh at myself

At least I find it amusing!

Don’t look behind the curtain-

Don’t look behind the curtain

For I’m certain you will see

Everything you were looking for

But hoped there wouldn’t be

Don’t look beyond the surface

You never know what lies in store

But if you’ve started searching

I promise you will find more

Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done-2014

I’m done being quiet

I’m done being calm

I’m done looking the other way

and saying nothing’s  wrong

I’m done with the heartache

I’m done with the tears

I’m done with the madness

slowly changing me, while trying to hide my fears

I’m done with the ignorance

I’m done not finding out why

I’m done letting others do it for me

and learning nothing because I didn’t try

I’m done with the hate

I’m done downplaying the love

I’m done with the bullying

squashing, tearing, destroying, the pushes and the shoves

If you’re like me

and you’re done, too

Then here’s something We Can Do

Try patience, kindness, giving and empathy with a dose of gratitude

While I may be done with some things,

It’s clear to me that part is true

I’m not done with acceptance and forgiveness

I’m not done with Me or with You

And when you see someone else stand up

and begin to speak for themselves anew

Don’t be afraid to listen to their words

For they flowed from their heart to their lips straight to you

Embrace, Discuss, Parlez and Remark

For those ideas, feelings and thoughts all ring true

Listen, Consider, Tune In, Hear them out

Be done with fear and angst and begin to truly, truly Be You, too.

Ranch Walker—Bee Check

Opened up to tell the sun, “Hello!”

Today we checked on the Ladies to see how the hives have fared while we’ve been dealing with several “can’t be helped/it is what it is” issues. I’m extremely happy to report we are still humming along (buzzing?) right as rain.

Cacti, boots, and broom weed…watch where you step!

Before the hive inspection, and while the air was still cool, we drove The Loop and checked on the pasture, wildlife, and waved to the Girls & Gus. (We lease our land to a neighboring cattle ranching family, and have delighted in learning more about birthing and raising a herd).

Busted Rock, Crystal Shines
Though undetectable to the phone camera 👁
(Top: in the shade Bottom: in the sun)

Lastly, I found a spot for reflection in the serene, quiet country setting—albeit bug splattered and choppy. Overall, a great way to end the weekend chores.

Say, “Splat!” (And don’t drop the coffee cup!)

Post Workout Thoughts

For some time now we have collectively been hearing that Intelligence Is Sexy.

All well and good, but is it Beautiful?

Beauty can be found everywhere and in everyday, ordinary tasks, things, and people. No IQ quotient needed. So then, is Beauty Sexy?

A number of beautiful people, places, and things would most certainly NOT be considered Sexy—as in alluding to intercourse, making love, and gender specification.

I only ask because I find it odd that we are collectively being conditioned from an early age and in a Majority of Cultures that something NEEDS to be Sexy in order to be seen, heard, or validated.

Oh wait! Sex Sells. I forgot for a second—lost in thought…Got it now, and I won’t soon forget. How could we?

Nevermind me. I’m just pondering and wondering after an extended meditative silence of the “thinking” part of my brain. (That’s what happens when I go with the flow and let the music take over…lost in the moment, in The Now).


Sometimes I think the thinking hurts more than the silence, than the bending and stretching…

This is how we grow.