The Power of the Feminine

That’s when I realized the true power of The Feminine.

The power to create is Ours by Default.

To Create rather than Destroy.

To Destroy only when needed in order to create something new.

Even when the destruction comes at the highest Price…the destruction of the self…

Behold—This is the True Power of the Feminine…and it is an awesome thing to behold…terrifyingly beautiful, achingly glorious to behold.

Don’t stand too close…Give the Feminine room to Be and to Breathe, or suffer the consequences.

You have all been warned.

Snow White Gets Dirty

Random thoughts while vacuuming:

Queen of the Hill

I don’t have a disorder or diagnosis, other than Hashimoto’s, I’m just surrounded by Idiots—fearful, sad, idiots.

Which is why—Everyone is On Their Own for making plans from here on Out.

Leave Me Outta all those would-be holiday plans & conversations, too.

I have so many Other Things to Occupy My Time & Energy, and they have nothing to do with fearful, idiotic, sad fools.

Even having had One person admit that they were inferior in the Think-Tank department was enough to make me agree to clean their house for the next 6weeks (lucky him).

Still here…for now 😑

Permanent Rough Draft—

BORED out of my Mind…ugh 😑

Why, and how on Earth 🌍 (and in Hell 🔥) did I end up in this situation at 40 years old?!? WTH 🤨

Time to wake up
Time to workout
Posing 1
Posing 2
Posing 3
Weigh In
Workout Done ✅ Ready for the day
Purse 👜 & Backback
FINALLY Cup O’Coffee!!! 😍


Music Room

The Tree is Up

Feeling Thankful

The hearth is set to rights.

Rusty the Texas Knight is still at his post.
Children are doing well.

Foyer is ready for greeting guests.

Foyer Other Side

Kitchen and Dining Room are both picture perfect.

Computer area in Kitchen has officially been converted to a note taking station for the cookbooks and catch-alls.

This is currently, and has been, my life for nearly 2 decades. Is it any wonder why folks think my life, in particular, is a charmed existence? 🤔 💭

If only they knew what it takes to create and maintain such an ideal situation.

I promise you, one & all, the price (for me at least) is one too high to maintain for another moment, let alone another two decades.

Shed no tears.



On…oh blad dee, oh blah da…

Bah da boom ba doom da da…

🎶 🎼 🎵