Familiarity Breeds…end of storytelling.

What makes one think they know all about another individual just because they track their patterns for a FEW days, weeks, months, years, hours?

Honestly, asking for a friend because Entire Relationships. Families, countries, people have been…left…

What Determines What Gets Out

What Gets In

Who gets left

And WHO gets your Leftovers?

Not ALL is either Fun OR Fair in Love/War/Youth/Age/politics, religion, empowerment.,.I think most can keep up with this pattern and TRAIn 🚂 (choo choo choo) of thought?!? 🤔 m

Then again…mayhaps we are all just looking fir a little escape/-ya know/-

For S’s & G’s

Ain’t that, right, I mean (correct) Winky 😉

#Grown Ups


Lots of thingies—-especially Teas & Coffees 😉 😊 😎 #stayhydratedYo!