Music Room

The Tree is Up

Feeling Thankful

The hearth is set to rights.

Rusty the Texas Knight is still at his post.
Children are doing well.

Foyer is ready for greeting guests.

Foyer Other Side

Kitchen and Dining Room are both picture perfect.

Computer area in Kitchen has officially been converted to a note taking station for the cookbooks and catch-alls.

This is currently, and has been, my life for nearly 2 decades. Is it any wonder why folks think my life, in particular, is a charmed existence? 🤔 💭

If only they knew what it takes to create and maintain such an ideal situation.

I promise you, one & all, the price (for me at least) is one too high to maintain for another moment, let alone another two decades.

Shed no tears.



On…oh blad dee, oh blah da…

Bah da boom ba doom da da…

🎶 🎼 🎵

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