blog log: star date: 21.11.2017

Lots of words ahead 😂

Want to “take down hollywood” and all those “loud mouthed know-it-all artists, athletes, and big industry jerks” spewing their “vile craziness to the masses?”


Find your own entertainment.

Things I like—keychain edition

Listen to local comedians at an improve or comedy club, go to local community theater, go to indy film screenings. Go listen to an open mic night, go to local college or coffeehouse poetry readings, go to a local author book signing, go support your local youth & adult softball/sand volleyball/hockey teams, go to a local art show, go eat at a new local restaurant, winery or brew house…

Your Entertainment is Your Choice—So if you don’t like what’s being fed to you through the TV I.V., then Turn it off/Tune it out.

But it’s going to require you to make that effort; to turn it off, to go out and to tune in to what is already here, good, and right in front of you.

“Peace, Love, & Rock N’ Roll, Ya’ll!
Manners, Kindness, Intelligence
Simple pieces of a complex soul”
-dde =)


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