5 years ago—On this day

Wednesday evening began “The Great Beagle Debate” in our household based off of a friend’s adorable puppy pic on FB.

Naturally, the kids & I immedietly began building our Pro Beagle case (the boys using the ipad & ipod to access youtube videos of adorable puppies, me researching breed specific issues on AKC websites, streaming videos on our TV), while Charles calmly listed the cons (as the voice of rationality &reason, etc…) all while enjoying an impromptu pizza party together by the fireplace in the living room. The end result that evening was an honest, “We’ll think about it.” as the kiddos trundled off happily to bed to dream of sweet puppies & fun.

When Harleigh arrived 20minutes later & was posed the same question: should we get a beagle? She answered YES, and began listing all the reasons why 😉

Thursday Morning as we were rushing out the door for school, I was vaguely aware that Fred had posted something on the wall & said he was keeping a tally of the votes with Daddy coming in as the only “No.”

“Interesting,” I thought, but with so much going on to finish out our week, I just chalked it up to a fun idea he had…

Flash forward to Saturday—after several Beagle conversations with friends & a few random anecdotes I won’t go into here, I finally had a chance to LOOK at what Fred had done.

People say our Country is going to hell in a hand basket, that there is a problem with the youth in our country, that they just don’t care…

To all of you I say, I believe the Children really are our future—TEACH them Well & Let Them Lead the Way!

Chart Created by 9 year old Fred. (Also participating in debate: 7 year old Jack, 17 year old Harleigh, 35 year old me, 43 year old Dad).

Update: The beginning was definitely rough, but Mary the Beagle is now a happy we’ll adjusted member of the Earhart Family.

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