Didn’t Mean It Like That

The Tatoo: From Me to You

I stumbled upon you by accident.

I was looking left.

I then looked right.

Then checked left again as I started to cross myself,

…and there you were.

My direction now seemed clear.

No forest.

No trees.

Just a sunny glen,

Like the one from way back when,

When I was 10,

And all that mattered was…


But now there’s You, too.

What’s a girl to do, but say: Yes?

Decades passed.

I thought at last:

I’ve got it all straight,

It’s not too late!

But then that thing happened.

Now I can never go-go back.

3 Times is my limit.

(Just like it’s always been).

In the Moment

No apologies now from me towards you

…And apologies from you, and you, and you?

Nah—-sorry, not sorry.

They just won’t do.

Because, you see, I do what I do

For Them.

The Brothers

It was never about you & me,

Or me and him,

Or you and them.


For always

I’m still just me

But you are now Him.

The Magician’s Assistant: “Ta—Da!”

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