What if you imagine love & hate as physical things that grow larger & smaller at any given time…see it?

Living breathing “things” with a pulse and a beat, a rhythm of inhalation and exhalation…what then?

Is it harder to create our thing of hate…easier to create our thing of love?

And how, then, do we go about stopping, killing, this living, breathing love/hate “thing?“

Or, what if we instead turn our imaginings of the hate/love thing as parts of the same beast…just a bit of a lopsided creation?

With Love showing us one face & Hate another…Are these the cheeks we are supposed to turn, to offer?

Is this she-thing just one face split in two?

…or could our she-beast truly be a two-faced cretinous manifestation?!?

Inquiring Minds want—demand—and say they NEED to know.

I know my beasts, My burdens. I know what I see in the mirror and what’s there in the dark, still of the night…the thing I reach for in my mind’s eye. When all lights have gone out & when all hope has forsaken me…

How about Y^O^U?

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