Work in Progress—The Light

…and that’s when it hit Me.

In all that time, I had forgotten to Live…to truly honestly L*I*V*E.

The years, now turned to light, the seconds no longer creeping along, had finally caught up to me…

“Do it NOW”—the Voice whispered. “You KNOW what will happen if you wait for another moment to pass you by…”

And so—IT Began.

Two solid months of bumping, aching, seeking, learning, seizing the ever-loving essence from each breath given on the fringes of what remained of Normalcy.

There were a total of 60+ days of L*I*F*E lived in a Daze…appointments, rehearsals, check-ups, things no one could have prepared for, thrust not just on me, but on anyone casually passing by this cacophonous experience.

I would try to give warnings—a heads up as IT was descending around us, but to no avail…no one was ever spared…no quarter was given because none was deserved.

We were ALL culpable—culprits who had allowed these event to transpire.

And I? How did I fit in to this Electro-Shakespearean Dramedy? What was I…had I Become?

The Lightening Rod.

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