Thursday Beat ✍️

Americano & Inspiration

So, today used to be my Big Day for either doing Non-Profit board work, or volunteering as a mentor at the boy’s school.

After 10 years, I find the transition to be at times both peaceful, and yet slightly jarring. It’s as if a Genie said: “Here you go, Diane. Everything you ever wanted. Now Go. Show us…You said you wanted all of this…Now, Go. Be. Awesome.”

But since it’s a Genie, we all know there is an “or else,” or even just a mean prank waiting for the wisher. Genie 🧞‍♂️ wishes never work out. Like those darn Leprechauns 🎩

I guess the take-away is not to capture or bottle Awesomeness because when it’s unleashed it’s a huge freaking mess, lol!!! 😂

Heading into the Wild 😜

On Mindfulness

The Upper Lake—still and smooth as glass.

Mindfulness, as well as being “in the moment,” has been all the rage these past few years, but have stopped to think WHY we’re all so hog wild about so Reading the meditation-vibe?

For me, mindfulness is just another reminder that We Don’t All See Things The Same Way, and we should Appreciate those Differences in one another.

Some of us didn’t see things the same way as children and still don’t as adults, but thank goodness we’ve figured out how to “explain ourselves” to those who don’t understand numbers, colors, words, or feelings the same way as “normal” people do 🙂

Because all most any of us humans (and pets/animals come to think of it) want to do, too, is just be Understood by the people we are talking with…

Mind you I wrote With, not At, or To, but With—as in having an actual Conversation, or equal exchanging of ideas, between two or more people.

As for myself, I feel really fortunate to be able to comfortably & easily step into whatever role I need to best make folks comfortable when talking with me 🙂

Especially since I tend to find myself around children, teens, adults, older adults, strangers, friends, family, and people of all faiths, persuasions, and passions wherever I go. 🌈👍🤓

I am one lucky mindful gal indeed! 🍀

Mindful Me

It’s good to have them.

Plans, Goals, and Options—it’s good to have them.

So be careful which paths you willingly choose to venture down, through, or away from.


This one ☝️ had a restroom 🚽 around the corner that I’ve trusted & used for years in my hometown mall.

It’s also where the mall management is located.

I guess what I’m ultimately saying is simply: Know where you are going, why you’re headed that way, and remember where you have been.

…and now that the Hometown Mall is officially open I have the option of several much nicer, more spacious bathrooms, plus all that window shopping to do as I wait for my car to finish being washed next door. 🚪

See…I opted for a car cleaning company that specializes in car washing/detailing to take care of the tedious, and often nail breaking & back aching, work of restoring my 2015 Toyota 4Runner, Blue Fury, back to her “new car-ness.”

Sure, it’s a big part of my monthly budget to spend on a little luxury, but I know I can just cut out something somewhere else and voila! No harm, no foul—just a lovely day & lovely vehicle for the holidays!

Was this trip to the mall & car place on my “To Do List” this morning? No. Not exactly, but since I know these places exist they are always on the table when I’m figuring out what to do and how best (read as most efficiently) to accomplish my tasks (or goals) for the day. Plus—I’m getting a ton of walking in which is ALWAYS on my “Must Do List,” lol! 😂 🚶‍♀️

Boots 🥾 , blue jeans 👖 , and scarf 🧣

Plans, Goals, and Options—it’s good to have them, and even better to be flexible with them. Happy Friday Dec. 6th, Ya’ll 😉

Afternoon, but not yet after 5pm

Finally all is quiet 🤫

…nevermind it’s time to answer the ringer, go to the car, and pickup the packages 📦 you never knew were coming, but now mean more than even your own life.