Words to Write By-

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving break…Get out there and make some magic happen today!

Dried Loveliness

Today I have stopped writing
for the intellectual elite
and have started writing for my friends, my family
for they make my life complete.

The dam, now she has busted
the waters flow unimpeded
and oh, so clear.

It matters not if anyone is listening
It only matters now there is no fear.
No fear of rejection; being mocked,
No fear of compromise.
No fear of coming up too short
No fear of loss or lies.
No fear of all those little things
that probably were never there at all.

Only peace and joy and happiness
and love now, most of all.
No fear of right
No fear of wrong

The rules are ok to bend,
and if they break
then make some new ones
They’re your words in the end…