The Gift 🎁

I want to share a gift with you
Its worth I’m still only beginning to comprehend—
More valuable than diamonds
rubies, emeralds and gems

More valuable than oxygen
but a beating heart knows the cost
For if you do not guard them both carefully
sadness, and grief consume you when you realize what you’ve lost.

It means so much more to me
than dollars, coins or bills
And if you keep a tally of it
You’ll find how much of it that you have likely killed

It’s not that you can really measure it
like a peso or a yen.
so eek it out in quantities
where you prefer to spend

I’d like to share this gift with you
I’ve guarded it, for it is sublime!
But You, yes, you I want to give it to you
For you see my treasure I so freely share? My currency, my gift, is nothing more than Time…

Poem—Dec. 2012