On Mindfulness

The Upper Lake—still and smooth as glass.

Mindfulness, as well as being “in the moment,” has been all the rage these past few years, but have stopped to think WHY we’re all so hog wild about so Reading the meditation-vibe?

For me, mindfulness is just another reminder that We Don’t All See Things The Same Way, and we should Appreciate those Differences in one another.

Some of us didn’t see things the same way as children and still don’t as adults, but thank goodness we’ve figured out how to “explain ourselves” to those who don’t understand numbers, colors, words, or feelings the same way as “normal” people do 🙂

Because all most any of us humans (and pets/animals come to think of it) want to do, too, is just be Understood by the people we are talking with…

Mind you I wrote With, not At, or To, but With—as in having an actual Conversation, or equal exchanging of ideas, between two or more people.

As for myself, I feel really fortunate to be able to comfortably & easily step into whatever role I need to best make folks comfortable when talking with me 🙂

Especially since I tend to find myself around children, teens, adults, older adults, strangers, friends, family, and people of all faiths, persuasions, and passions wherever I go. 🌈👍🤓

I am one lucky mindful gal indeed! 🍀

Mindful Me