Thursday Beat ✍️

Americano & Inspiration

So, today used to be my Big Day for either doing Non-Profit board work, or volunteering as a mentor at the boy’s school.

After 10 years, I find the transition to be at times both peaceful, and yet slightly jarring. It’s as if a Genie said: “Here you go, Diane. Everything you ever wanted. Now Go. Show us…You said you wanted all of this…Now, Go. Be. Awesome.”

But since it’s a Genie, we all know there is an “or else,” or even just a mean prank waiting for the wisher. Genie 🧞‍♂️ wishes never work out. Like those darn Leprechauns 🎩

I guess the take-away is not to capture or bottle Awesomeness because when it’s unleashed it’s a huge freaking mess, lol!!! 😂

Heading into the Wild 😜

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