Road Trips—Rock On! 🎸🎉

I love road trips. I love long road trips with my partner. I love road trips with my children. I even love road trips all alone.

There’s just something about seizing the day, throwing what you need in a bag, and heading off across the land!

Adventures await!

Glovebox contents.

Hopefully, they’re the good kind. Possibly, the adventure may start off for a somber affair, but you can take heart in the fact that you’ll at least find a treat for yourself somewhere along the way…

Afterall, if you’re in America—we have the incredible Interstate 🛣 Highway system with 🏪 gas stations ⛽️ and even state funded restroom 🚽 safe spots with possible vending machine checkpoints!

In Texas we have Buc-cee’s, too!

Pssst…there’s fudge in here.

Hey, hey, hey—trust me! They’ve got whatever you may need right there behind those Beaver-Guarded Doors 🚪 😉

But on my road trips I don’t always rely on the road stores for Entertainmart and food supplies…mainly just the bathroom facilities 🎉

Speaking of entertainment, since I am on co-pilot duty, (and neither driver, nor simply passenger) I opted for two sit-down projects…my crochet 🧶 project and some correspondence back logs.

Snacks and bags with projects

…and how can one post about Road Trips without paying homage to the soundtracks we choose?!? 🎶 Music, News Talk, Impromptu car sing-a-longs 🎤 It’s all there in a roadtrip…and oh, ho ho the conversations to be had 💖

Where we live in Texas, it’s a 4-hour trek to even cross state lines to get OUT of Texas, so projects are a must.

Especially when the conversation gets quiet, or someone needs a break, or well, for someone (like me) who likes to maximize their time while in confined spaces.

Hence, the moment to blog and share a bit of my Sunday Morning Family Time with all of you—ya’ll 🙂 🤠 🚙

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