🎄 Christmas Lights 💡

Christmas Lights:
A bit of Magic for children
A total headache for adults

As a child I didn’t know what it took to make it happen. They just appeared, enchanting and delightful. The cocoa & the lights in town; another part of what made this season special & unique…where did they come from I’d ask myself & hope that it would never end!

As an adult I now know what it’s like to be the man behind that tangled curtain of lights. Grasping & gasping at yet another burnt out bulb, another rickety ladder propped against the gutters–those damn gutters that still need to be cleaned out!!! Stringing the lines along the eaves of a sagging roof that needs to be replaced and shingles that need repairing. The thought of the added electric bill charges on an already maxed out budget. The feeling that this display going up is so pitiful in comparison to the others, that why even bother at all…

But it is because of knowing these things and more that I want to say Thank You.

Thank you for those guiding lights, shining softly in the distance. Calling, beckoning us home at this special time of year once again.

Thank you residents & businesses of town for keeping that bit of Christmastime Magic real and alive for the children, and especially for the children we all once were…

—December 2014