Website Still Needs Organizing, But Here We Are For Now

From the pup—

Gizmos that whirl
And gadgets that blink
Too many dishes piled high in the sink
We stayed up awfully late
Then Got up so darn early
I’m afraid it made me a puppy quite surly
All of that wrapping
And Good Heavens those bows!
But my love for this family continues to grow
I like to watch them as they dance & they sing
They smile & they pet me,
And what lovely biscuits they bring!
They’ve been celebrating
A tradition it seems,
Full of love & sharing & kindness extreme
But now I am sleepy
It’s time for a rest
Excitement is nice, but a nap would be best
But one last thought
‘Fore I nod off to sleep
“Merry Christmas to all!” now time to count sheep!

🎄 Christmas Lights 💡

Christmas Lights:
A bit of Magic for children
A total headache for adults

As a child I didn’t know what it took to make it happen. They just appeared, enchanting and delightful. The cocoa & the lights in town; another part of what made this season special & unique…where did they come from I’d ask myself & hope that it would never end!

As an adult I now know what it’s like to be the man behind that tangled curtain of lights. Grasping & gasping at yet another burnt out bulb, another rickety ladder propped against the gutters–those damn gutters that still need to be cleaned out!!! Stringing the lines along the eaves of a sagging roof that needs to be replaced and shingles that need repairing. The thought of the added electric bill charges on an already maxed out budget. The feeling that this display going up is so pitiful in comparison to the others, that why even bother at all…

But it is because of knowing these things and more that I want to say Thank You.

Thank you for those guiding lights, shining softly in the distance. Calling, beckoning us home at this special time of year once again.

Thank you residents & businesses of town for keeping that bit of Christmastime Magic real and alive for the children, and especially for the children we all once were…

—December 2014

New Year = New You?

December 2019–Taking a walk

A new year, a new you? No thank you, I think I’ll pass.

Instead, I prefer to work on being “The Best Me.” The Best Me in my own class.

You see it’s because I like me: old or new it matters not.

And I will strive to be the Best Me. For that, I’ll work a lot.

I can’t erase the old me, and the things I did back then.

But, I can learn and strive to be the Best Me over and over again.

Each year is new and fresh–I’m ready for the New Year, and all it has in store.

And, to me, that means to learn new things by building on all that went before.

—Taken from a FB post: December 18, 2014

Spring 2002–Taking a photo

Road Trips—Rock On! 🎸🎉

I love road trips. I love long road trips with my partner. I love road trips with my children. I even love road trips all alone.

There’s just something about seizing the day, throwing what you need in a bag, and heading off across the land!

Adventures await!

Glovebox contents.

Hopefully, they’re the good kind. Possibly, the adventure may start off for a somber affair, but you can take heart in the fact that you’ll at least find a treat for yourself somewhere along the way…

Afterall, if you’re in America—we have the incredible Interstate 🛣 Highway system with 🏪 gas stations ⛽️ and even state funded restroom 🚽 safe spots with possible vending machine checkpoints!

In Texas we have Buc-cee’s, too!

Pssst…there’s fudge in here.

Hey, hey, hey—trust me! They’ve got whatever you may need right there behind those Beaver-Guarded Doors 🚪 😉

But on my road trips I don’t always rely on the road stores for Entertainmart and food supplies…mainly just the bathroom facilities 🎉

Speaking of entertainment, since I am on co-pilot duty, (and neither driver, nor simply passenger) I opted for two sit-down projects…my crochet 🧶 project and some correspondence back logs.

Snacks and bags with projects

…and how can one post about Road Trips without paying homage to the soundtracks we choose?!? 🎶 Music, News Talk, Impromptu car sing-a-longs 🎤 It’s all there in a roadtrip…and oh, ho ho the conversations to be had 💖

Where we live in Texas, it’s a 4-hour trek to even cross state lines to get OUT of Texas, so projects are a must.

Especially when the conversation gets quiet, or someone needs a break, or well, for someone (like me) who likes to maximize their time while in confined spaces.

Hence, the moment to blog and share a bit of my Sunday Morning Family Time with all of you—ya’ll 🙂 🤠 🚙

Thursday Beat ✍️

Americano & Inspiration

So, today used to be my Big Day for either doing Non-Profit board work, or volunteering as a mentor at the boy’s school.

After 10 years, I find the transition to be at times both peaceful, and yet slightly jarring. It’s as if a Genie said: “Here you go, Diane. Everything you ever wanted. Now Go. Show us…You said you wanted all of this…Now, Go. Be. Awesome.”

But since it’s a Genie, we all know there is an “or else,” or even just a mean prank waiting for the wisher. Genie 🧞‍♂️ wishes never work out. Like those darn Leprechauns 🎩

I guess the take-away is not to capture or bottle Awesomeness because when it’s unleashed it’s a huge freaking mess, lol!!! 😂

Heading into the Wild 😜